Carlo Baggio, Ph.D.

Carlo Baggio. Ph.D., Director for Chemical Biology at Armida Labs, serves as the company's Chief Technology Officer. Dr. Baggio has extensive and specialized expertise in Armida Labs innovative drug discovery and development strategies, including combining biophysical and chemical biology approaches to tackle challenging drug targets. He has over 20 peer review publications in the field and several patent applications. Dr. Baggio research focuses on the development and application of innovative drug discovery strategies, aimed to advance agents against challenging yet pharmacologically viable drug targets. Noteworthy are the HTS by NMR approach, and his innovative work on the development of a new class of covalent agents that bind irreversibly to Lysine and Tyrosine. These approaches have been successfully deployed in targeting several oncology targets and can be applied to several additional targets. 

Dr. Baggio’s oversees the drug development and lead optimization strategies for Armida Labs, as well as hit/lead generation and hit validation studies on challenging drug targets.