Neil Bhowmick, Ph.D. CSO

Neil Bhowmick, Ph.D, Professor of Medicine at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. He is the Director of the Cancer Biology Program at Cedars-Sinai Cancer (ranked 7th by US News & World Report), serves on the Editorial Board of 4 scientific journals, and charter member of a NIH grant study section, and serves as the Chief Scientific Officer for Armida Labs, Inc. Dr. Bhowmick brings more than 20 years of broad biochemistry and cancer biology expertise, he has published in peer-reviewed journals (>110 publications) ranging from pre-clinical cancer studies to translational research, including regulatory approvals and conducting clinical trials. Dr. Bhowmick is credited for defining the role of fibroblasts in cancer initiation as an alternative mechanism of the familiar two-hit hypothesis where one epigenetic alteration is in the fibroblasts, complementing a mutation in the epithelia. He has gone on to discover the role of fibroblasts in cancer therapy resistance and has used these findings to extend the time of cancer remission in multiple cancer types in preclinical and clinical studies. Dr. Bhowmick was also among the first to show the tumor suppressive role of fibroblasts and their role in collagen matrix assembly in supporting the strength of healed skin wounds. He was a founder and CEO of Enviro Therapeutics Inc, recently acquired and taken public. He trained at Vanderbilt University.